Upick-Produce Market-Petting Zoo- Rental Pavilions


Monday-Saturday 9am-5:30pm

Sunday 10am-4:30pm

hayrides Saturday starting at 10am

hayrides Sunday starting at 11

UPick Fields are open. General admission to upick and activities area $3 per person over age of 15.

Our train the McKenzie Express runs hourly during business hours

Gemstone Mining is open every day

Petting Zoo is open daily. General admission to activities area and upick $3 for all ages over 3.

Five-Star Chef Greg Williamson January 12, 2014 11-3

if using a GPS Device use the address 5059 SW 48th Ave, instead of SW Citrus Blvd. as the GPS companies are 5 years out of date

Welcome to D and D Family Farms

About Us

Dean Bruschi, Owner, is a fourth generation farmer. His great grandfather farmed in Northern Italy teaching his children the business. Dean’s grandfather migrated to Pennsylvania from Italy and began farming and raising three sons and a daughter (Walt, Amerigo, Dale, and Gloria). While Walt kept farming in South Western Pennsylvania until his passing, Dean’s late father (Dale Bruschi) and his Uncle (Amerigo Bruschi), affectionately known as “Shorty” moved to Florida in the late 1940’s and started farming in the Ft. Lauderdale area. As the south Florida area grew, they found themselves moving further and further north. Dean’s Uncle Shorty (Amerigo) expanded his farming adventure into the u-pick business.

After the passing of his parents Dean moved his family to Palm City, FL to continue his dream and pursue his passion for farming. Dean and the rest of his family invite you to come and enjoy the “fruits” of their labor!

U-Pick'em & Produce Market

We are a family owned and operated u-pic'em Farm with a fully stocked farmer’s market on the property. customers who enjoy direct from farm prices!

Our upick farm has aproximately 35 acres under cultivation. We are one of the largest upicks in the Treasure Coast.

We use organic practices but are not certified organic although we hope to possiblly change that in the near future at least with our hydroponic and airponic produce.

You really can't beat pick your own produce for falvour and freshness.

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Love fresh pick vegetables but don't have the time to pick them yourself?

Then we have the answer for you - Join our CSA Program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It where members enjoy a box of home grown produce, freshly pick from our fields which you can pickup from our produce Market or one of the Farmers Markets we attend. You can also have your box of produce delivered to your home or office if that is more convienent.

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Farmtastic Fun!

Need a place to go with the family that's not going to require a bank loan to spend a day having fun?

Need a place for your company picnic?

How about a place where your group or class can have fun and still learn something new?

Want a different venue for your wedding that's not going to cost an arm and a leg?

How about a place for your children's birthday party with fresh homemade ice cream?

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